Monday, May 29, 2006

Enemy Within

I was reading Yasmin's column in the newspaper the other day about a forum on TV the other day about her movies.

I strongly believe that the there are so many people who holds powerful positions in our Movie and TV industry are the reason why our movie industry is going no where.

I think Yasmin Ahmad has what it takes to turn the industry around.

Now, this is what the journalist said about Yasmin's latest movie Sepet, “How can a good Muslim girl who prays and reads the Koran fall in love with a Chinese infidel?”

Mr. Journalist, how dare you make such statements?

My dad is a very strong believer and follower of Islam. My mom is a Chinese Convert who lives a life of examplary values and teachings and a strong believer of Islam.

My father in law was a Christian and he married a Malay Muslim woman. Both of them are examplary Muslims who I respect and appreciate. Both of them raised 3 beautiful kids who upholds great value and integrity in their lives. Are you saying my mom in law (Ummi is what I call her) is foolish for marrying an English Man?

How dare you make such statement on national TV!

Now, back to our movie scene.

I once had a friend working for a local TV company, his first task at his workplace was to research on how to revamp the TV channel in terms of the kind of shows they feature and their own production pieces. For 6 months my friend studied BBC, NBC, CBS etc to figure out their success. 6 months later my friend presented the report and steps that can be taken to improve. His proposal went straight to the dust bin.

Don't blame us for not wanting to watch local movies. Don't blame us for not wanting to watch local dramas and talk shows on local TV.

As long as TV stations want to be affiliated with such journalist, i will not support them. Not in a million years. No thank you.

I was gonna say "My mom in law deserves an apology from the journalist"... But naah, I ain't gonna go down to that level.


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