Monday, May 29, 2006

Malaysia, here's your evidence!

Last Sunday Malaysian football authority received feedback from the people of Malaysia...

MyTeam, headed by Shebby and friends have proved to the country we actually have what it takes to succeed in football, and the one reason we are not is because of our leaders in FAM.

A team was formed in less then a month managed to lose only 2-1 to our national squad. "No, Malaysia only used their U-20 players. Cannot compare!", a friend of mine said. Well, that's besides the point. Nobody told them to send their junior team.

Our football authority keeps coming out with excuses over and over again. If there was a World Cup in coming out with the best excuses, Malaysia would have won 3 years in a row.

Our leaders are spoiling our players and have no clue what they are doing.

Here are some evidence that I have to prove my point:

1) Once upon a time, we had a coach by the name of Claude Le Roy. We sacked him and Jamaica took him as a coach. That year, Jamaica qualified to the World Cup.

2) We have all the correct relationship with English Clubs (I am talking about Division One and Two) but we have never tried pushing our players to get exposure abroad. Why? The states need the players to play for their teams, and also once our players go there, they get home sick and miss Nasi Lemak.

Now, I have a great idea. I think it may work...

How about forming a group of young footballers (I am thinking 7 years old kids) to be incubated for 13 years of their life in a football training academy. No interference with the existing players and states. Appoint a very strict coach like Gus Hiddink or someone like the Russian Women's Volleyball Coach (when he speaks to the players, my balls shrink to the size of a peanut) to train the youngsters. The coach gets to appoint his people to support him and these players are not to play in the local league.

Now, some of you may wonder which parent would allow their son to be trained like that? Well, if the country can promise the parents that the country guarantees your son will play in a professional league in Europe with a handsome salary, will you still say no?

The key here is a strict coach and isolation from the current squad. Less interference and contamination from existing players is the best way to go.

Once I saw a World Cup hockey game where the South Korean coach called a player on the pitch to the sideline and gave him a nice tight slap and told him to continue playing. Well, maybe that is a little harsh, but a much higher degree of strictness compared to now is much much needed in our training regime.

I am a true believer that Malaysia has what it takes to book a spot in the world cup. Right now, it just seems to be a 'nice to have' rather then a real hard core goal.

Well, I sincerely hope I get to see a World Cup game wearing my National Team's jersey at least once in my lifetime.

Finally, good job Shebby and friends. I think you guys are really making a difference! I appreciate you for that.


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