Monday, May 29, 2006

People never fail to amaze me

Hi all...

I am back. I have been extremely lazy to write in my blog. I am lazy no more!

Few weeks ago, my wife and I went for our official honeymoon in Pangkor Laut Resort. Boy, they do know how to pamper people!

It was a spectacular honeymoon. We were treated like kings and queens. Aishah (my wife) really had the time of her life there. I am glad I was there with her. I am glad I married her :)

What I want to share with you guys this time is about this matchbox that was given to us in the room. This matchbox is sponsored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). I couldn't stop thinking of all the things in this world, why is WWF sponsoring matchboxes????

What were they thinking!

So WWF, if you are reading this... I can name you a million other things in this world that you can put your name on. On your side, all that is needed is a little bit of common sense.

'only takes one tree to make a thousand matches, only takes one match to burn a thousand trees.'


Blogger wong said...

Erm... Not really a bad idea though. At least WWF knows that Malaysian smoke. But too weak for smoker to realize about WWF?

9:19 AM  
Blogger navneet said...


Its not just a one off thing. WWF has been introduing series of specialty wildlife matchboxes for some time now. They alse sell other stuff life bags, diaries apparel. I am a collector (matchboxes) and always have an incredibly hard time tracing these.

6:19 PM  

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