Sunday, April 02, 2006

De-stressing myself.

I know it's been awhile since I posted... I have no excuses and reasons for it, except that I am 'malas'.

The whole month of March was quite stretchy for me. A lot of things happening all at once.

I still don't intend to write anything major today, but just wanna share my tiny little secret of de-stressing myself after a long week or month.

Every Sunday evening, my wife and I will go over to my parents place to have dinner. Every Sunday I'll wake up in the morning and smile to myself.

"Yay, it's Sunday!", I hear me shout quietly.

Sunday evening is for my whole family to come together and makan. It's also for us to catch up on everyones' week. The other reasons why I look forward to it is I miss mama's cooking, I miss my cat Billy and also miss watching TV on a 34" screen.

Now here's the main reason why I am excited when Sunday evening comes...

The best de-stress remedy for me.

My beautiful niece Marsya and handsome nephew Rieyad. They never get tired of teaching me the meaning of peace, happiness and authenticity.

Can't wait for next Sunday :)